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It's Friday [Apr. 13th, 2007|07:17 am]
Feet first into fitness
Am I still welcome here? I'm a bad, bad friend!

I will give you and update in reply to this post so it's not all on the front page.

I will also tell you my exercise and food plans. Back to work on this for me!


From: sa_
2007-04-13 11:31 am (UTC)


Hi guys. Sorry sorry sorry. Last you heard from me I was jetting off to NY because my SIL was rediagnosed with cancer. Life has been beyond busy since, and I just kept getting further and further behind on keeping up with you guys. I kept waiting for time to catch up and catch you up with me and it never came. My computer time is mostly limited to 15 minutes in the morning, and things just kept slipping away.

But...I miss posting here and I'm going to try really hard to make the time to do this. Please take a minute and catch me up on your lives.

Mine? Well, my SIL is doing okay. She's on a different type of chemo now and although they don't think they can "cure" the cancer, they can do all they can do to keep it quiet for as long as possible. Her spirits are good most of the time. She's amazing, though I bet she wishes she didn't have to be. Make it go away.

My kids are great--very busy, but great. Wrestling season seemed extra long this year but they all had fun and did well. We spent many a long day in a gym watching sweaty boys. Jake will be going to college in MA in the fall. He's very excited, as I'm I, except I'm going to miss him beyond belief. Diane? How do you do it? Must I let him go?? Your son is a grown up now. I can't imagine!

My ex had a mild heart attack this week. It's been tougher than I would have thought to navigate that place in my life/his life/the boys life. We have a good divorce, and this is odd because I care, but I'm not sure what I can do. Anyway...it's been a wake up call for me that I have to put exercise back in my life on a regular basis. I liked being fit better than what I am now!

And my best news...Ric and I got married last month. :) We still live in two different houses since he works an hour plus away, but it's still nice to be married. It's nice to be excited about Fridays, even if Sundays are kinda sad. There are certainly pros and cons to this arrangement. It makes my life even busier because of being back and forth with the two homes, but it's worth it. He's a teacher, so this summer should be better.

Okay, there's more, but I'm out of time. I promised myself I'd type like the wind and stop when I ran out of time...waiting for ENOUGH time is what kept me from being here at all these past few months.

Please update me on y'all. And again accept my sincere sorries for not being here before.

And exercise? Ugh. Today will only have time for at home stuff...how 'bout weights and stretching. Tomorrow and Sunday I'll be walking outside, even if there is still SNOW on the ground!

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[User Picture]From: sanguinity
2007-04-14 03:13 pm (UTC)

Re: hi

Wow. _SUCH_ a lot of news.

I'm sorry about your sister. I'm glad she's holding up well. I, too, wish she didn't have to.

Congrats to you and Ric! May you have much happiness together. :-D

Where's Jake gonna go? Is he excited?

Snow? Still? We have rhodies and tulips in full bloom. :-P
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From: sa_
2007-04-15 02:17 pm (UTC)

Re: hi

Jake is going to Clark University. It's a small school in MA. We read about it in a book called something like The 40 Schools That Will Change Your Life. Reed is listed in there too (that's where you went, right?). He's very excited!

Yeah, snow. We have nothing in bloom. But it's melting. And hopefully we won't get any more of it!

Great to see you here! :)

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[User Picture]From: di_in_wi
2007-04-13 03:51 pm (UTC)
So nice to hear from you :).

Wow, you *have* been busy! Congrats on your marriage :) :) :). I wish you both great happiness.

I'm glad to hear that your SIL is doing ok -- I'm sure it's tough!

I had a very hard time the first year Andrew was away at college -- but visits helped. Once I knew we'd still be connected it was ok. He *is* all grown up now -- living in Austin, TX, and has a job as a chemist. He's thinking about going to grad school in the fall of 2008 (taking GREs this spring).

I totally understand the difficulty of dealing with an ex's illness. You may remember that my first husband had surgery for brain cancer when Andrew was 9. We thought it was all gone for several years, but it returned when A was 16 and he died later that year. It was hard to be connected and yet not connected during his last illness.

My husband was hospitalized for almost 3 weeks in February -- you can read details in my journal if you want. He's doing well -- but it was definitely a scary time. We started marriage counseling in December (I'm glad we had started!) and are returning next week. I'm in a bit of turmoil about work (what else is new!) and sorting out what to do next.

You've come back at a transitional time -- only Pamela, Michelle and I have been posting regularly (brn has dropped in occasionally), and some of the other CD/DW folks on LJ formed a group, cd_redux (bia (yarnyoga), sanguinity, grrlpup, queendido (Elissa), pryl, phlyingpig (LSK), pcthiker (newjim), crazy_marcia) -- so we were thinking about merging. So far, Pamela and Michelle haven't made it to the new group to check it out -- so I'm not sure what's happening. If we all like the new group, I was going to send emails to anyone who had posted over here to see if they wanted to join the new group.

Would you like to check out the new group too? It's set up as "members only" so I can let yarnyoga know you're interested and she can invite you to join. Or, would you like to hang out here? Pammie and I have a good time supporting each other, but it would be nice to have other folks around regularly.
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From: sa_
2007-04-13 06:56 pm (UTC)

hi di

I forgot that you'd be able to relate not only to the son going away thing but also the ailing ex thing. It caught me by surprise how hard that was.

I'm so sorry to hear about your hubby. I hope he continues to feel better and better. What a scare that must have been. And yes, I bet you were glad you had already started marriage counseling before this all began. I hope that helped you guys through all that. And I hope the counseling is helping for the original stuff too.

I would love to check out the new group. If you can pass on my info to yarnyoga, that'd be great. I really want to get back to having a support group. I miss that.

Okay, crying in the livingroom...the twins need me again! Their dad should be here soon and then I'm off for the weekend (and "on" with my own teenagers!).

I'll be back!

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[User Picture]From: di_in_wi
2007-04-13 09:54 pm (UTC)


I sent an email to yarnyoga. You should be getting an invitation email soon. If not, see the post below this one for a couple of ways to get into cd_redux.

P.S. Missed you!
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From: tassie_shell1
2007-04-15 11:56 am (UTC)

Hi Susan

Wow Married Congratulations that is such wonderful news :)

So sorry about your SIL.

Must be hard having your son grow up and leave to go to school.

A little about me, well Josh is now 12 and started high school, he's giving us hell to say the least, he wears me out, if I'm not running him around 4 days a week to sports then we are fighting big time, but I'll fill you in on that later.

Dylan has started school, he's in kinder now, he is such a gem, such a cute lovley little boy

Miss Amber, well she is almost 5 months old, these last few days she has discovered her voice, when she does her baby babble she has a real attitude sound to it now, it's very cute.

Anyway I will see you over at cd_redux, I'll join either tomorrow or Tuesday, for now it's late, we just spent 4 days (3 nights) away and I am ready for MY bed.

Great to see and and again congratulations :)
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From: sa_
2007-04-15 02:19 pm (UTC)

Re: Hi Susan

I'm sorry Josh is giving you a hard time. I hope you all figure it out soon. It's tough when there's fighting. :(

Dylan is starting school?? How can that be? Amazing how fast it all goes, isn't it.

And little Miss Amber! What a cute age 5 months is. Soon she'll be crawling all over the place! Enjoy her now while she sits still and babbles. :)

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From: pamelajnh
2007-04-16 10:54 pm (UTC)

Hiya Sof!

so glad to see you :)

boy, we sure have had a lot of illnesses around is this past year. i hope your sister in law keeps that attitude up.

sorry to hear about your ex. i'm sure it was traumatic for you and the boys. i hope he is doing better.

i can't imagine your son is entering college. what a long time we've been chatting online!!!

Life here is the same- working on our addition. We're to the sheetrocking stage! YAY. Another batch of irish visitors coming in-WHEW! They just keep coming!!!

MY BIL had terrible infectin complications from knee replacement back in november. He got strep G, and it was fast moving and scary. he's on the mend, but still out of work due to effect of infection. knee is getting there though.

other than that, same out same old. trying not to eat to much, trying to fit time in to move.

i have to admit, i little birdie on the west coast gave me a heads up on your WONDERFUL NEWS. i am SO happy for you and mr. man. may you have a long, happy life together filled with much love and laughter- and of course, good health.


m'wah ....don't be a stranger here or ad cdredux!!
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