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Weekend's here! [Apr. 7th, 2007|10:22 am]
Feet first into fitness


What's your plan for the weekend?

[User Picture]From: di_in_wi
2007-04-07 03:37 pm (UTC)


Yesterday: Took you advice, Pammie, and took a 2-mile walk with DH after dinner. We didn't get to walk together this week because we had too many early-morning errands (and the weather was lousy, too.) It was cold and breezy, but we would have considered it too nice a day to stay indoors in January ;). We got to see two loons and coots huddled together against the wind. I did upper and lower body PT/stretching later, too.

Today: I have more time, so I'm going to the Y (before I run my errands!). I'm going to do a few weights (my bone-building routine), 15 minutes of cardio (stepper & elliptical) and some stretches. I'll top it off with a short swim (15 minutes) and a dip in the hot tub. I'll also sign up for personal training -- I talked to the PT supervisor this week and we have a plan. I'm going to sign up for three hours of PT -- we'll break it up into shorter sessions so they can follow me often. I'm going to contact my spine physical therapist this week and get a list of exercises to start with, and I need to get a doctor's release since I have so many "issues" (arthritis, carpal tunnel, knee, etc. etc.). So I'm getting the ball rolling.

Food: Yesterday I consumed 2200 cals and burned 1900. The 1900 burned seems pretty consistent -- so that's my target for the upcoming week, to average 1900/day. Where am I going to cut? 1) morning snack -- I don't really need it most days. If I'm really hungry, I can have part of my lunch early. 2) dessert -- I've been eating 150-200 cals in dessert. I'll get some 50-100 calorie treats (fudgsicles, frozen fruit bars or ff pudding) instead of ice cream and cookies this week. 3) vending machine -- I avoided it yesterday :). One day at a time!
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