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It's Friday! [Apr. 6th, 2007|09:56 am]
Feet first into fitness
what's up?

[User Picture]From: di_in_wi
2007-04-06 02:04 pm (UTC)


Yesterday's wrap-up: 2-mile walk with Leslie & some stretchies. Didn't get to the upper body weights so I'll do it today. Cals in: ~2100, Cals burned: ~1900. That's an improvement over Thursday :).

Today: Took a 15-minute walk with Midnight this morning. I'm going to the Y tonight (even if I don't wanna). Upper body weights, 15 minutes of cardio (elliptical/stepper), core & stretch :).

Aiming for 2000 cals or less today.

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From: pamelajnh
2007-04-06 02:22 pm (UTC)

even if you don't want to, huh?

ah, reframe it. you deserve your time at the Y.

not easy to reframe on a friday night if you ask me. but if you for some reason, don't go, you always have other options- like a walk with midnight and eric :)

good job on the cals in cals out di!
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From: pamelajnh
2007-04-06 02:18 pm (UTC)

good morning

well, yesterday my day didn't go as planned. final stages of prepping for our cpa meeting. i HATE bookwork. i didn't finish until 7:30 and i was wiped. no exercise :(

for lunch i had a leftover bleu cheese burger with half a slice of hoffman cheddar on top. microwaved half a tomato, shrooms and greenbeans. no roll...had burger on top of veg.

dinner by g since i was still at my desk: 3 irish sausage, mashed potatoes (which i could finish...if it was pasta- no problem, but potatoes fill me up!), mashed turnip. half an orange.

cals came to 1377. not bad.

this morning i had a bowl of kashi go lean with 2% milk and a banana. cuppa grapefruit and tea. 468 cals.

i am planning on practicing yoga this moring before i completely finalize info for cpa. i think i need some breathing practice ;) i was defnitely stressed by the time i was finished yesterday. OY. but, the light at the end of the tunnel will be - it WILL be done today. we see our cpa at 4pm. THEN we are going out to dinner!!

frontline- such a good program
di for her support and suggestions
that we never lost power yesterday when many others did (not sure how, we're usually the first to go!)
it's friday
my accounting work will be done today!
g even though he snores like a train
lucan, the lazy bone who keeps me company every day in my home office
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From: pamelajnh
2007-04-06 02:20 pm (UTC)

bil update

his 'manipulation' procedure went well. they got the leg to a bend of 125 degrees which is what they were shooting for. when i talke to him last night though, he was using the cpm machine (which moves the leg) he wasn't getting that far- so he was trying to go as far as he could and keep bumping up. hopefully he can work through the pain and get the 125. we certainly don't want him to have to have it manipulated again!

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[User Picture]From: di_in_wi
2007-04-06 02:23 pm (UTC)

Re: bil update

Glad to hear the procedure went ok. I hope the leg continues to improve! He sure has had a long haul with this :(.
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From: pamelajnh
2007-04-06 02:26 pm (UTC)

it was that damn strep g infection

had it not been for the strep g infection- 2 weeks after the initial operation he was up to 100 degrees on his own. problem is with the infection, they had to reopen the knee- clean it out and replace plastic parts that are porous. so now, he's working through new scar tissue.
the knee stuff he can handle, but the infection has left him with NO stamina what so ever. very frustratin!
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