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Good Thursday Morning [Apr. 5th, 2007|08:15 am]
Feet first into fitness
how's it looking for you today?

From: pamelajnh
2007-04-05 12:37 pm (UTC)


well, taking to heart some of what the article you sent to me yesterday di, i measured my breakfast and entered on fit day.

one egg omelette with shrooms, serving of ff cheddar, half a tomato on the side. cuppa grapefruit and cuppa tea.

that's all she wrote for now. 256 calories. we'll see how i make out the rest of the day. never hurts to be cognizant of where calories are coming from and how they add up.

i need to get the right frame of mind, and start thinking of each meal as a chance to make good choices for myself.

exercise: well, we got hit with an april snowstorm overnight. dropped about 8 inches of HEAVY wet snow. my lilac bushes, which are large (really, people always say...those are the biggest lilac bushes I've ever seen) are are bent both ways from the middle, and touching the ground. the birds have had luck finding the feeder though, even though it's not even close to it's normal position. so, with the snow- i thought maybe i'd be able to get out with the snowshoes at the end of the day. if not, i will more than likely split with yoga and weight work.

thanks for the input and support di!

the beauty of the snow
that my neighbor tom did not get hit by one of the big branches that fell while he was plowing our drive with his tractor (we've probably lost about 8 good size branches and a couple of limbs- bummer:( I even watched one come down and miss my car by about 2 feet-YAY)
my backyard birds
work to be done
that my client and friend loved the mother nature i drew in illustrator to promote her earthday celebration.
lucan and the silly noises he makes when he's wakingup

think about to lose power- ciao for now!
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[User Picture]From: di_in_wi
2007-04-05 01:57 pm (UTC)


We have cold, but the snow missed us. The daffodils that had just started blooming were all drooped over this morning :(.

I hope you don't lose power for long!

Great job counting! I hope you get out with the snowshoes :) -- sounds like fun.
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[User Picture]From: di_in_wi
2007-04-05 02:00 pm (UTC)
So sorry to hear that your bil is still having trouble. I hope the procedure goes well today and he continues to gain strength.

Yeah, I'm amazed at how well E is doing given how sick he was. He has a check-up next week and we'll see if his kidneys have improved some more or if they've plateaued at "mild impairment".
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[User Picture]From: di_in_wi
2007-04-05 01:53 pm (UTC)
I counted cals yesterday, too. 2500 in, 1900 burned. Yup, I could gain a pound a week if I keep that up!

So, I'll count again today and see if I can get a little closer to balanced (I'll call 2300 an improvement!).

I took Midnight to the vet this morning to get her teeth cleaned and (more worrisome) have a growth removed from her gum, so no time for exercise this morning. I'll either go to the gym or walk 2 miles with Leslie this evening (it's flippin' cold outside!). I didn't do pilates last night, but I did do core work and stretching. Upper body tonight.

bkfst: kashi w/ skim, ww eng. muffin with goat cheese & marmalade, OJ & vitamins, peppermint tea

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From: pamelajnh
2007-04-05 03:25 pm (UTC)

good for you

if you were at 2300 with all your good vegetarian food, i'm probably way underestimating where i'm at. guess it's a good thing that i'm keeping track right now to make sure i'm where i need to be.

your eng. muffins sounds SO good~!

hope midnight is ok. don't worry until you have to.

wtg on getting movement in yesterday even if it wasn't what you planned...plan b is just as good :)
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[User Picture]From: di_in_wi
2007-04-05 03:37 pm (UTC)

well ...

It's not the "good vegetarian food" that's the problem -- it's the cookies and a little chocolate and a few too many almonds, etc. etc. ... ;).
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From: pamelajnh
2007-04-05 03:44 pm (UTC)


40 lashes with a wet noodle for that one ;).

nuts are good for you. but yes, it is easy to have more than a serving. i have to remove them from the area or remove myself. i love nuts.

yes, hopefull bil will make out ok today. dr. bear said the worst that could happen is he could break his femur, but that he's never done that before. a comedian, eh?

what they have been through with met life disability and his company HR department who aparently is having hard time reading his file, is unreal.

they are keep their spirits up none the less, but he is sick of being Lazy Boy Man.

Never lost power (yet...supposed to get breezy this afternoon). but i've no phone and no way to call them. snow is dropping off trees now, and breaking even more branches.
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